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In order to develop some feedback I am going to demo the Midasmodel to many different people and elicit thoughts by return. To date I have demonstrated to three other folk; my partner in SEA Justino Mendez (no comment other than a grunt); Tim Smith a Biologist working Placencia Lagoon (comment was this is fine for proposed sharing with non scientists but scientists would need details) Julie (makes and sells chocalate bars in Toledo) was impressed since no one had ever attempted to explain details of protected area management before-she liked it)

Individual demo by Jack NightingaleJack Nightingale, 09 Aug 2008 19:21

Hey all. We should keep a running tally of our equations with annotation and references as we grow the model. By putting it on the Wikki we can debate the assumptions underlying the model and further grow the model structure. This is also the area in which we can ultimately link MIDAS to MIMES.

Keep track of our functions by lesklesk, 28 Mar 2008 01:06

Based on Burton's data, this outcome is relevant to Belize only.
We could use Melanie's suggestion and ignore this outcome or have
all outcomes on the same panel or screen. Any thoughts?

Global warming outcome by midasmodelmidasmodel, 25 Mar 2008 10:49

Hrishi … please keep posting revisions. We have to implement some new

Keep posting revisions by midasmodelmidasmodel, 25 Mar 2008 10:48

Are we meeting again in Belize city? Giselle? Lindsay?

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We have four of each of the following - Socioeconomic, governance and ecological.
We have also added inputs via map sliders to get spatially explicit input from the users.
Is this useful? Jack had lot of insights into governance. Can governance vary across
the map?

MIDAS currently has 3 panels - input panel, java outcome panel and a map panel
that the user can zoom in and out of. Is this satsifactory? Remember we have minimized
scrolling by choosing few inputs and few outcomes.

We should maintain JAVA updates but making sure that the old
java is compatible with new JAVA. Hrishi, do you want to comment on updates?

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