** Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS)**
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The MIDAS Decision Support Tool (MIDAS) [v. 5.] is a software tool that is designed to support the process of decision-making for Marine Management Areas (MMAs) users, NGOs, and policy makers. This tool, developed for MMAs in Belize, is designed to assist the MMA users to understand the critical determining factors (CDFs) for success of MMA so that they can plan accordingly, and to estimate the likely effects of their MMA based on CDFs.

There are 6 MMAs in Belize displayed in MIDAS – Hol Chan, Lighthouse reef, South Water Caye, Laughing Bird Caye, Sapodilla Caye, and Port Honduras. The user can choose one of the MMAs or all six to run MIDAS.

The user can input data for 15 CDFs (“independent” socio-economic, governance and ecological) in panel 1 as well as two spatial variables (for 16 cells) in panel 3. Panel 2 of MIDAS displays a series of Java applets representing outcomes (outputs) of the interactions between the variable states that the user input in Panel 1. As the user’s input varies, Panel 2 with Java applets dynamically changes, giving the user an instant feedback on what would happen to key outcomes (“dependent” variables). In addition, in Panel 3A, the user can input 2 variables spatially over 16 cells and the outcome is a map of threat or risk displayed in Panel 3B. Panel 3 uses GIS data, field data as well as users inputs (via panel 3A) and displays perceived risk. The risk maps give an instant visualization of perceived risk based on user’s choice of input values. The user can also print the entire MIDAS session and obtain a report.

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